He distinguished the turbulence S.
Among others .... sun and cold professional dissonance
Winter was
Take the heat came down
Example, blast furnaces, but Susan
The cold is sufficient for us
The ice is sufficient for us to close the ML
Enough ice cold during the last straw that will appear
Not in the heat of dissonance was all my memories have examples in the cold ashes of fire
My heart is warm
My heart is hot to cold has shown round the burning fire
Withhold from the ice
Wish withhold from the cold, dry snow
My heart is warm
Dldarm ice that is absurd
My heart is warm
If the heat of fire Hor I make the ice safe
My heart is warm
Winter is the spring
Spring is fire
My heart is warm
The cold winds of winter fuel
On every ton that is null and unique Zdayd
My heart is warm
A dream for any warm winter that would not Nmandst Dlhl
I stood
But alas
Enough that my feet again broken Fell
But our end is good
But just stand Bshksth
I stood
For who do not know for what
But the day was due Bvdnm
I am but I am standing alone
I stood
Only near the peak period
Myah during fire
Between the soil and dead Nmkshydh Kvlvkh
I stood
Between green and beautiful plains and endless single spring
But who am I here
I'm standing just rode
I stood
Nostalgia aside, and tulip poplar Susan ... but the essence of buttercups and Sngm
Strong and clean and all these are single Rvnqknar
I am rode
But only
I Aysttadm
Hoping for a sea breeze, warm colors and thin
The smell is heaven
The mountain breeze Ard
But the sky
'm Not single
What I am what I stood
I stood
Miss is
Is to miss spring rain scent
Miss is
For soft hands and grace-filled winter Mhrv
God I miss is tight
Bshksth step was to end, but just miss the heart is dead
Miss is
For deer desert for a single jewel sea Nazanin
For rain clouds to light candle
God of spring break heaven, heat and cold, and all time
But the only miss is
Miss is
Ashnayyha for it to be dark and it is during stenosis
Miss is
To be human
My view is narrow for humans

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